Jake Perry’s biography reads like a comic tale of a musician with bad timing. A rabid thrash metal fan years after the genre peaked, he learned to play guitar in a time where proficiency was frowned upon and simple songs were all the rage. His love for the music and his outsider mentality led him to write his own songs, learn bass and drums (before programming was a thing) and capture it all on state-of-the-art cassette tape the day before the digital revolution in recording. 

These songs became the basis for his first band, Mind Gravel, who started making a name for themselves in Rhode Island, another state. They released a proper album, years after they disbanded, titled “Temple of Supremacy”. 

Along the way, Jake became friends with local legends Train of Thought, a hard rock group. He ended up joining them as their lead guitar player, just as they were moving from an active working band to part time hobbyists. They put out the albums “Half Empty Independence” and “IV”. Despite the rumors, they are still around. 

He joined Hartford based rock band, Gasoline Therapy, who had a good run in the Connecticut scene. Their last show was their CD release party for the album “Judas Goat” Jake was in as many as four bands at a time in this era. Jake played bass for a modern metal cover band Sinners Inc, sang for thrashy Fear Cage, and back on guitar for Holding On To Nothing, who put out the EP “The Fourth Place Concession Prize of Abject Failure”. They all eventually fizzled out. 

Tired of failing bands, Jake decided to go it alone as a solo acoustic act. He retired from his long time day job to pursue this new endeavor. He was prepared to make his debut in the spring of 2020…

Anyway, in the beginning of 2021, Jake had relocated to Costa Rica. He began a weekly residency playing on a beach at El Rancho at Los Delfines in Pochote. He developed a sizable catalog, gained experience, and learned how to “read a room”, even when the “room” is a beach bar, and the crowd doesn’t speak the same language and are trying to eat. 

After returning to New England late that year, Jake starting playing gigs at pubs, breweries, restaurants, dive bars and even busking on the streets. Post pandemic, acoustic acts are experiencing a resurgence, so maybe now Jake Perry is finally in the right place at the right time.